TRP2020 Theme

Your happiness is my happiness

Three weeks have passed since the announcement of the cancellation of Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2020. Keeping in mind a Yoyogi Park full of smiles, we made preparations for this event over the last year, so that as many people as possible can participate. The decision to cancel the event was a very hard decision for us.
However, even if the event itself cannot be held, we would still like to connect with everyone. Sharing our thoughts, respecting each other, both you and we are not alone. Given the current situation, we want to share the importance of being yourself more than ever. There may be limits to what can be done. However, with the message of "Your happiness is my happiness", we aim to realize a society in which each person’s idea of happiness, and each other's existence, can be celebrated with a smile.  Tokyo Rainbow Pride supports the happiness of you, and the happiness of your loved ones. First, we will start by sharing information via our official website and SNS. We are planning content so that everyone can participate, so we hope you will all be able to participate. Let's create a better future together, never stopping, and joining together as one!

TRP2020 Statement

Sometimes people are put into categories. "People of diversity such as the elderly, people with disabilities, foreigners, and LGBTQ". People age, and become elderly. Before you know it, a wheelchair may become your mode of transport. Everybody who leaves Japan becomes a foreigner, and even if you are not LGBTQ yourself, someone dear to you may be.
In that sense, everyone is diverse. "Diversity" applies to both you and me.
A man should act like this. A woman should act like that. A family, a couple, Japanese. What is each individual's "form of happiness" when there is no pressure on "how we should be"?
And then now. In the face of the unprecedented corona virus situation, our daily lives, and our ideas of "how we should be", such as our way of working and the way we spend time with family, giving each of us a chance to reflect and revisit our ideas of our "form of happiness". There is uncertainty in an unknown future.
Perhaps now, we may be at the starting point for a truly new society, that is freed from the current idea of "normal" and the customs that go along with it. Without stopping, let's come together more than ever before to create a new future.
TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE will continue its activities, aiming for a new society in which we can respect each other's "form of happiness" and celebrate each other's existence with a smile.

TRP2020 Outline

Pride Week
25th(Sat), April - 6th(Wed), May 2020
Parade (Online Parade)
26th(Sun) 13:00 - 16:00, April 2020
Festival (Online Live Talk)
25th(Sat) & 26th(Sun), April 2020
How to Participate
Pride Week
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Online Talk Live & Parade
Live broadcasting on Tokyo Rainbow Pride Official TWITTER
NPO organization Tokyo Rainbow Pride
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26th(Sun)13:00 - 16:00, April 2020

Pride Week Event Schedule

25th(Sat), April - 6th(Wed), May 2020

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